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Why Everyone Should Try Living Abroad

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

Have you been thinking about moving abroad for a while now but are unsure about making the commitment and are constantly asking yourself questions such as ‘will I be happy there?’

Are you going to get used to your new way of life and their culture? Will you be homesick? Will you make new friends? These sorts of questions are very daunting and things you should definitely consider… Sometimes though, you have to do what scares you and trust in fate to bring you out the other side. Living abroad doesn't have to be a lifelong commitement... you can move away for just 6 months or a year if that's all that appeals to you!

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In the 21st century, with international travel becoming more and more readily available and at a lower price, the idea of experiencing life abroad is a popular one! But what are the real benefits to taking the plunge and moving away? Maybe it’s because you’ve been relocated at work, maybe it’s to be reunited with a lover or maybe it’s just to try something new… whatever your reason, living abroad is a fantastic experience that you won’t regret!

3 reasons why everyone should try living abroad at least once in their life!


The first, main reason why moving abroad can be so beneficial is all the new friends you’ll make! It will take a while for you to establish a strong social circle in a new country but once you do you’ll feel so proud of your achievement! People from different countries will have different outlooks on life and will open your mind to new possibilities. Plus the added bonus of always having a place to stay when you go back to visit! 


One word that cannot be argued with. Moving abroad and making new friends from another country will undoubtedly open your eyes to the vastly different cultures all over the world. Whether it’s the way you eat, the way you dress or the way you think, anything could be altered when you see how other people live.


Learning a new language! Moving to a country that has a different language to your own is particularly brave but something that is definitely worth doing. You’ll be put to work every day as something as simple as going for a drink with friends can become a tiring challenge… Don’t underestimate the power of languages however, and once you begin to dream and are able to argue in that language, you’ll know you’ve made it and your hard work has paid off!

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These three big reasons for making the jump and moving abroad all contribute to one main factor that is broadening your horizons. Once you’ve lived and worked in one country, why not try another! There are endless possibilities as to where you may go and what you may find, it’s exciting! 

So, have we convinced you? Should you book your plane tickets now and just leave? Why wait any longer!

Before you go why not speak to one of our experts to clear up any last minute questions. Thanks to their clairvoyance gifts they can give you advice as to whether moving abroad is the next logical step for you, how you’re likely to cope and whereabouts you should go!

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