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National Kissing Day Top Tips

Kissing is a part of life, it can’t be avoided whether it’s a ‘thank you for this Christmas present’ kiss to your granny or a late night kiss to your lover. So many emotions can be expressed through a kiss, and there are many different types – first kiss, slow kiss, hello kiss, eskimo kiss, butterfly kiss… The list goes on. Indeed in parts of Europe you can expect to kiss people on the cheek up to 4 times when you greet them!

There Guinness Book of World Records champions for the longest ever kiss are a Thai couple… Their kiss lasted a shocking 58 hours, 35 minutes and 25 seconds and this record was made in 2013! Do you think you and your partner have got what it takes to beat this?

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Our top kissing tips…

You may be a first-timer, a one-timer or an all-the-timer but to ensure you have a positive kissing experience that avoids any signs of ‘washing-machine-syndrome’ we’ve put together our top tips…

Kiss someone you actually like!

Instead of wasting your time kissing people you’re uninterested in and wondering why sparks aren’t flying every time your lips lock, why don’t you try actually kissing someone you have a crush on. That way you’ll suddenly find you couldn’t care less about the logistics of kissing techniques and are just focused on having a good time with your partner.  

Kiss a Taurus, Libra or Scorpio!

The three best lovers of the zodiac sign. If you are lucky enough to kiss one of these three be prepared to be blown away. Kissing one of these star signs is like something you’ve never experienced before as their natural generosity and desire to please means there’ll be nothing on their mind other than ensuring you’re having a good time.

Read the book ‘The Art of Kissing’ by William Cane!

Voted 4.5/5 on goodreads this book is both funny and instructional and has interviews with real people talking about everything, from their first kiss to their worst kiss.  It’s been translated into 19 different languages and has everything you need to know about the art of kissing. If this book really grabs your attention, why not take it further and think about having a kissing lesson with the writer himself. You can have paired lessons, single lessons and specifically themed lesson – whatever it is you want, he’s tutored more than 40,000 people so he must know his stuff!

Be enthusiastic!

If you’re going to kiss you may as well commit to it. Catch your partner when they’re not expecting it, have a kiss in the rain, kiss under the Eiffel Tower or a kiss on top of a mountain… Wherever or whenever it is, make the most of it and enjoy it!

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