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One Way Relationships

One way relationships - when one person is putting more effort into the relationship than the other! This is a very damaging situation and needs to be dealt with!

What is a one way relationship?

A one way relationship is when the relationship is completely unbalanced and one person is putting more effort than the other. It is common for couples to go through times of unbalance, there are ups and downs to every relationship – but if it has been too long and the unbalance is too severe you may need to consider ending the relationship.

The reason one way relationships can be so destructive is because the person who is putting in more effort can really begin to doubt their self-worth. Why is my partner not reciprocating my affection? Have I done something wrong? Do they love someone else? Are all the types of questions you’ll begin to ask yourself if you’re in a one sided relationship.

Having these doubts about someone you love is unhealthy for anyone. A relationship should make you feel secure, happy and confident, not anxious and unloved.

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Signs you’re in a one way relationship

We’ve put together some top signs that you’re in a one sided and potentially toxic relationship…

  • They don’t reply to your messages/calls – ‘he’s just bad with his phone’ you hear yourself telling your friends as you explain why you haven’t been in contact for 3 days… If they want to talk to you they will, it’s as simple as that.
  • You are constantly doing things for them and don’t always feel you get much in return– it may be the cooking, organising of plans or meeting of each other’s family. If one of you is doing much more than the other there should be warning bells ringing…
  • You’re feeling unsatisfied with your sex life – maybe you feel you’re putting in more effort than your partner in the bedroom? Or you’re feeling unattractive as they’re never interested in you sexually? This is another key sign that the relationship is one sided.
  • They never commit to future plans with you– it often feels that if they’re available now and there is nothing better for them to do then sure, they’d love to spend time with you. But do they every commit to spending time with you in advance? Do they show their excitement to do something with the person they love? If not maybe it’s time to re-think your relationship!

How to get out of a one way relationship

Being in a one sided relationship is a heart-breaking experience, it’s incredibly difficult to admit that the other person doesn’t love you as much as you do them and it’s even harder to have the courage to walk away because you think you deserve more. But you do!

Everyone deserves to be with someone that puts as much effort into a relationship as you do. If you’re doubting your relationship consider sitting down with your partner and having a conversation about how you’re feeling. They may have just got lazy and be unaware of how they’re actions are upsetting you.

If after a conversation the behaviour continues, it may be best for you and your partner to end the relationship. Read our advice on how to break up smoothly for tips.

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