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5 Must-Do Things at Wimbledon

British summertime – and what better way to spend the last week of June than at the Wimbledon?

You may be a seasoned tennis fan or a first-timer, but whatever your level of dedication, we’ve put together the top 5 must-do things at Wimbledon.

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5 Must-Do Things at Wimbledon

1. Pimms

A day at Wimbledon would not be complete without a jug (or several) of the much loved cocktail Pimms - perfect to share with your friends.

2. Murray Mount

Why not head outside the grounds for a few hours and watch the games from Murray Mount, the atmosphere is electric with around 3,000 fans watching the finals – indeed many often choose to stay on the hill instead of going onto the courts because the crowd is so fantastic!

3. Centre court

If you arrive to queue for tickets early enough you may be lucky to nab some for the famous Centre Court and end up watching one of the big matches! If not head there anyway for one of the smaller matches, you never know who you might see!

4. Strawberries and cream

How could you go to Wimbledon and avoid the traditional strawberries and cream – perfect for a refreshing summer snack!

5. Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

If you start to have had enough of watching tennis and need a break from the sun, why not take a break and head to the modern Tennis Museum in the center of Wimbledon Town. Learn about the history of the tournament with memorabilia dating back as far as 1555!

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