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Top 10 Tips to Succeed in the Office

A recent survey has shown that over 60% of people have difficult relationships in their workplace. The problems can vary from not getting on with your boss, having overbearing or lazy colleagues, or being madly in love with someone you’re unfortunate enough to sit opposite!

Our top 10 tips for how to make the most of your time at work!

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1. Be efficient…

Time wasting is a sure fire way to get on anyone’s nerves, including your boss' or your colleagues'. Be efficient with your time, don’t waste it on your phone checking out your social media or constantly chatting to friends.

2. Go to work events

Socialising with your colleagues may not be your idea of fun but it helps you to form stronger bonds with those you have to spend every day with! You don’t have to be best friends, but the more you understand and like about each other the easier your work life will be.

3. Offer to make tea or coffee for people!

Instead of just making a cup or coffee for yourself, ask around who else wants one. This’ll get you on their good side and who knows, perhaps you'll actually form a bond with your coworkers.

4. Dress to impress!

Whether you have an office job, a job with clients or a job in uniform – take 5 extra minutes in the morning to make yourself look and feel good! That may be spending extra time on your hair, choosing a nice outfit, or wearing something special that no one else can see! Whatever it is, do it for yourself and you’ll find throughout the day it’ll make you smile as you remember this special something.

5. Don’t take unnecessary days off

Be careful not to call in sick once a week if all you’re suffering from is a cold (or just a hangover!) It won’t do you any favours with your workmates as it means more work for them and then when you are genuinely ill or have a commitment – no one will want to cover for you!

6. Be positive!

As with many people you may find you spend your days clock watching and counting down for the weekend. Not only does it have a negative effect on your mood but it can be a very bad for your mental health. Try and fully immerse yourself in the job that you are doing – you’ll find the time goes much faster when you’re concentrating and with the extra hard work you could find yourself moving towards a promotion!

7. Bring in some treats for your co-workers…

 There’s no better way to make friends than going out of your way to make a few yummy snacks for your colleagues, they’ll appreciate both your generosity and the treat at break time!

8. Organization!

The key word for any popular worker – in any possible job, organization is an absolute necessity. It’ll impress your boss, people you work with and the people who work for you. If you struggle with organization, consider buying yourself a big planner – if you write everything down and check it daily, ticking tasks off as they’re completed… there’s no way you can forget things!

9. Be cautious about having personal relationships with colleagues

It may be difficult to resist, but starting a personal relationship with someone you work closely with is something you should think very carefully about. Whether the relationship works out or not, it can be very distracting for your work and people may judge you if you’re not professional.

10. Patience

You may find at times you have to pass on your experience to those around you – remember to be patient with them! Having a temper will only cause upset… be kind.

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