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Which Star Signs Are Most Popular With Employers?

It’s no wonder that, as a person’s astrological sign determines their behaviour, their natural abilities, and their ways of working it is also going to have an impact on the way they integrate into a company or sell themselves in an interview. According to a recent study by Quapa, certain astrological signs have a better track record in their professional lives while others have been found to be better paid. Read on to find out about your star sign…

Quapa, the number one job search website has recently published their surprising results. After having processed more than 10,000 jobseekers they have revealed clear links between star signs and employability.

According to this study:

•    The most common jobseeker is a Cancer

•    The Taurus earns the highest salary

•    Those born in spring and summer are the most likely to be unemployed

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It’s hardly surprising that the Taurus has the highest wage as their disposition means they need material security and comfort whereas the timid and uncertain Cancer who will overthink an interview. Find out more about what salary your star sign is going to earn and the best ways to help yourself get the job of your dreams!

Which signs are the most recurring jobseekers?

Cancer is the star sign most likely to be looking for a job, at any one time 10% of those searching for a job will be a Cancer. Aries, Leo and Virgo follows closely with 9% but Pisces is looking more secure as their maximum number of jobseekers at any one time is 7%.

Which astrological signs are the most well paid?

The Taurus is the highest paid sign of the zodiac with a gross monthly income of £1,827, it’s interesting to note that the Pisces (one of the signs least likely to be searching for a job) is the worst paid at an average of £1,060 per month. Maybe this explains their employability?

Which signs are the most popular with recruiters?

The three signs most popular with recruiters are Pisces, Scorpio and Sagittarius. The Pisces and Scorpio are the creative signs but they do often need a lot of supervision and encouragement to reach their goals. Being the sign of fire makes Sagittarius very creative but unlike Scorpio and Pisces they’re not appreciate of the hierarchy and can be too independent, sometimes known for overstepping the mark.

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