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Overcoming Your Phobia With Hypnosis

25% of the UK population suffer from phobias: fear of spiders, fear of flying and the fear of being locked in a confined space are just some examples. Sometimes, social nervousness can go as far as being the onset for a panic attack. These uncontrollable fears can become debilitating but with the help of hypnotism more and more people are overcoming their phobias.

A real phobia can ruin someone’s life. Their central nervous system cannot control and moderate the body when it launches into panic mode and therefore the fear becomes uncontrollable.

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When does a fear become a phobia?

What is the difference between a fear, anxiety and a phobia? If you can answer yes to all the questions below, you’re someone who suffers from a phobia.

1.    Being in a situation with your fear immediately triggers anxiety (increased heart rate, sweating…)

2.    Is your reaction to this fear excessive in relation to the actual threat posed by the situation?

3.    Do you risk suffering from a panic attack if confronted by your fear? (spiders, planes)

4.    Does you see an impact on your everyday life due to the fact you have to change plans/ make other arrangements in order to avoid the thing you’re scared of?

How can hypnosis help you deal with your phobia(s)?

Through directly addressing your subconscious mind hypnosis can effectively deal with your phobia(s), it's also effective in other fields such as helping with weight loss

1.    Hypnosis allows you to retrieve the origin of your fear.
We so often ignore the origins of where a fear has stemmed from, hypnosis however allows you to dive head first into your unconscious mind and to confront the fears face on. This then allows for a better understanding and therefore management of your phobia.

2.    Desensitising
The results from desensitisation through hypnosis have been fantastic! Through using neuro-linguistic programming precepts the hypnosis specialists begin to associate the fears with positive memories. This then reduces the subconscious negative reaction when you are faced with your fear.

3.    Immediate relief
The hypnosis immediately provides a feeling of relaxation and well-being as well as easing the stress and fear for the person when confronted with their phobia. It only takes feeling confident in front of your fear one time for you to begin to be able to think rationally again and believe in yourself.

To recover, you need to know how to accept, forgive, and stop feeling guilty. Hypnosis allows everyone to understand and overcome any habitual problems including issues related to your sex life.

Take a moment for yourself, discover life changing techniques to improve your quality of life.

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