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Keeping in Shape According to Your Zodiac Sign

Can astrology really help you find the right diet you need, including one that you’ll follow long-term? The answer is yes! Keep in mind that too many restrictions only have one effect, known as “yoyo dieting”: one pound lost, two more gained, etc. and you won’t see the light at the end of that tunnel.

If you’re looking to lose weight the correct way, there’s nothing but two rules to follow: eat less and move more. This doesn’t mean that you should eat less vegetables and more junk food!

Here’s an astrological secret to help you start your diet: start it on the evening of a full Moon, or sometime close like the following two days. The moon influences both our planet and our body. When the Moon is full, it’s at its maximum size. This is the same for whoever has weigh to lose. When the Moon begins to decrease (waning crescent) and slim down, our body does the same! To get the most out of this advice, read up on our advice we have for each sign. You’ll be ready to take on summer with pride whenever you put on lighter outfits…

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DISCLAIMER: Before starting any new diet or exercise program, please consult with your doctor to make sure this plan is right for you.

Keeping in Shape

According to Your Zodiac Sign

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