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Using Hypnosis to Find a Healthy Weight

We don’t always eat because we’re hungry, and sometimes food becomes a crutch for us whenever there’s something lacking emotionally, whether it’s used for calming your worries and anger or forgetting your problems. The final result? Undesirable pounds have accumulated, and they aren’t always easy drive away! Here’s how to get back to your ideal weight by using hypnosis.

By calling on your subconscious, hypnosis is going to allow you to get to the bottom of the problem, including the real reasons that are pushing you to eat. A session of hypnosis can correct this behavior and your relationship with food to allow you to lose unwanted weight and regain your health.

To determine your relationship with food, ask yourself this simple question: do you eat because you’re hungry or because you have the desire to eat?

Need an easy diet to follow? How about a detox?

Using hypnosis to regain a healthy weight

Your healthy weight is the weight your body stabilizes without any physical activity or diet. Here’s how to find your healthy weight through the use of hypnosis.

1. Fight against urges to eat

Have you noticed when you’ve eaten something sweet, it can help calm us down? Food allows us to counterbalance negative emotions like stress and anxiety. By eating more, we unconsciously protect ourselves outside attacks. Hypnosis enables us to combat against any urges to eat (when we aren’t hungry, of course) by separating “food” and “protection/well-being” in the patient’s mind while he or she is hypnotized.

2. Change your habits

We know everything that we must do in order to be in shape, but it isn’t always easy to put these methods into practice! Nothing is harder than changing your eating habits, so calling on the subconscious with hypnosis allows us to do so, making the process a lot easier.

3. Work against your subconscious

Our relationship with food is complex, and each person and story is different. Some people take refuge in food after a death, a break-up, or maybe to become hardened against the outside world. Through hypnosis, the therapist will have access to your history and could create a trigger point within your subconscious.


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