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Zodiac Signs: How to Unearth Your Inner Child

Carefree with a head full of dreams, childhood is often the best period of our lives! When we grow up, life jostles us and makes us conscious of the weight of our decisions. The ability to gush over something and believe in our dreams is an astonishing driving force, so we’ve written about how to find your inner child according to your astrological sign.

No, no, no… finding your inner child doesn’t mean you’re moving backwards. Actually, it’s nothing but the opposite. This symbolizes rediscovering your joie de vivre, your enthusiasm, believing in your dreams, and, if you’re an adult…making the effort to ensure your dreams come true! Innocence and childhood joys, but without the naivety than can come with, can help us move forward more peacefully in life.

“Under the thick coating of our actions, our demure inner child remains unchanged; this inner child escapes from time to time.” François Mauriac 

Maturity and wisdom are necessary qualities in our development. We’re not telling you to transform into an immature teenager for the rest of your life, but adding a hint of innocence and childhood to your life can help you see your existence in other ways, as well as considering life in a much more positive way.

By finding your inner child, you’ll rediscover what’s really important in your eyes and stop polluting your mind with daily worries that aren’t worth the trouble…

This equilibrium will be based on a nice dose of both maturity and a childlike vision.

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Good reasons to keep your inner child alive

“When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut or a vet.” 

Remember when you were young and were full of dreams for the life ahead of you? But now you’ve grown up and you’ve noticed that life isn’t as simple and not everything is possible, by keeping your inner child alive, you’ll be able to see things in a new way.

Social constraint can pin you down so you don’t dare to ask yourself the right questions or start up any ambitious projects, by re-establishing your inner child, you’ll rediscover a little frivolity and naivety which will help you avoid numerous other disappointments.

So, how do you rediscover this inner child?

Click on your sign and discover how to find this childlike innocence and spontaneity again!

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How to Unearth Your Inner Child

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