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Friday 13th! Decrypting 5 Spooky Superstitions

Beware of black cats, don’t walk under ladders, and don’t open up an umbrella indoors… We have all heard of these superstitions, but do you know where they come from? Certain people dismiss these superstitions but still don't want to get on the wrong side of the devil, in case of…? We reveal the origin of these superstitions that keep good sense in check!

Indeed these urban legends have been passed down from generation to generation to the point where we know the stories without really knowing where they come from. In this article, you’ll discover the scary reality, that maybe these superstitions hold more truth than you'd realised!

Black cat, broken mirror, open umbrellas indoors, walking under a ladder, or the ban of a number 13 at a table, you’ll no doubt have heard of all these superstitions before.

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Decrypting 5 Famous Superstitions

Walking under a ladder

Behind this well-known superstition hides an explanation that’s really logical! This belief comes from the Middle Ages when it was dangerous to pass under a ladder for fear of receiving a blow to the head from a bucket of paint or sharp tools… This is a question of good sense!

Opening an umbrella indoors

The 18th century saw the appearance of the first umbrellas with metal framework, and when opened up inside, they could potentially injure adults and children alike! This is where the idea of opening up an umbrella could bring bad luck to the household came from. It’s a clever thing to discourage children from playing with umbrellas indoors!

Broken Mirror

Years ago, mirrors were used by seers and oracles to predict the future by covering them with a thin layer of water. The oracles and mediums of the time saw a very bad omen when the mirror broke, even a curse, so this is where this onfamous tradition originates from…

The black cat

Coming across a black cat suggests that something is going to happen, but it’s not necessarily a bad omen. This superstition around the black cat appeared in Europe around the Middle Ages. With the hysteria of dark magic and sorcery came along the addition of cats that were said to be “witches.”

13th place at a table

The number 13 has always had a lot of bad press! This superstition is linked to the Last Supper, the last meal of Jesus Christ with his 12 disciples. He was be crucified the next day…

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