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Taking Care of Sexual Issues with Hypnosis

If things aren’t taken care of quickly, intimate relationship issues can quickly destroy a couple. Taboos and embarrassment are usually issues that we prevent ourselves by directly calling on the subconscious. Hypnosis goes one step further and allows us to take care of these troubles effectively.

Flora Lou Vera is a specialist in hypnosis, and she herself managed to quit smoking after one session of hypnosis. For her, hypnosis is very efficient for all sorts of problems relating to sex because it involves directly acting with the subconscious. One session allows any obstacles to be cleared up and overcome.

Shyness, inability to reach orgasm, impotence, premature ejaculation, pain, and sexual phobias are many of the problems which, over time, can harm your relationship. Here’s how hypnosis can come in handy for you and your partner.

How can hypnosis help resolve any sexual problems?

First of all, you must know the origin of these issues, so hypnosis can intervene effectively. To recover, you need to know how to accept, forgive, and stop feeling guilty. Hypnosis allows people to understand and overcome their sexual problems by using their own personal resources.

Hypnosis mobilizes obvious or repressed emotions and instantly revives the body’s memory. The solution presents itself, and this allows it to be made know. These sessions are oriented towards a resolution to any on going sexual problems.

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How does a session usually go?

Just like stopping smoking, dealing with insomnia, and other phobias, I practice an anamnesis (an account of the patient’s story) in order to get to know the environment and origins of the problem and know how to reach a solution. Afterwards, I hypnotize the patient so I can make use of their subconscious.

During the session, I invite the client to close his or her eyes and to relax, I guide the client with my voice while making him/her become aware of his or her body, feelings, and senses, I make the client imagine being in a place that he/she loves in order to make them feel comfortable.

When the client has relaxed, let go, and is in a state of hypnosis, I read a story in which I’ve hidden some words that are going to allow him or her to overcome any troubles. In order to get the subconscious to speak, you must talk to the client with words that are convoluted, if not, the subconscious can’t advance.

For example, if I tell you to not smoke anymore, the subconscious is going to perceive this as permission to smoke. It doesn’t understand negativity. It’s for this reason that you must use a convoluted vocabulary. Even if certain trauma is difficult to bring up for people, it's using this method that I can resolve someone’s phobia with subtlety.

Would you have an example of a session that’s still very clear in your mind, that you could retell?

A client came in one day to see me because she was unable to have a sexual relationship with a man. Not feeling at her best and unable to be loved by a guy, she was prohibiting herself from meeting love.

Her father had abused her since she was 2 years old, and she lost her self-confidence because of this, especially since her mother never supported her. One of her bipolar sisters had humiliated her many times by hurting her boyfriends and hitting her regularly.

The image that this woman had given me was more than negative, she hadn’t had the right to happiness and pleasure. With her agreement, we decided to work on her trouble in 3 sessions.

The first time, I addressed the assault from her father, the second time her relationship with her sister and mom, and the place that she had within her family, her role, and her importance.

At last, during the last session, we worked on her guilt, confidence, self-image, her right to love, and to assimilate sex with pleasure instead of pain.

From the last session, she has progressed and everything is going well today. She appears to have found the love of her life and they are happy together. She practices a responsibility profession and is pregnant with twins at 40 years old.

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