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Our Guide to Stop Smoking

So you’ve decided you want to quit smoking, but the question is, how do you make giving up easier for yourself? You’ve no doubt considered your options many times, and you know the healthand financial benefits off by heart, but quitting often proves to be harder than we think! Although, no worries because astrology will help you find the right method for you to stop smoking.

So you want to stop smoking, but how? Have you thought about quitting cold turkey, using hypnosis, the assortment of patches available, medicines that help with quitting, or even using Allen Carr’s famous book?  
Does the fear of gaining weight or failure make you put going through with giving up on the back burner? Astrology gives you the solution to stop smoking in the calmest way possible…

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The best way for your sign to quit tobacco

Your astrological sign says a lot about your relationship with tobacco, so discover how to free yourself from this dependence and lead a healthier and richer life.


If you go it alone, you'll find giving up smoking very challenging, the best way is to completely stop with the help of your pharmacist, who can give you eucalyptus cigarettes, etc.. Some days you say that you’ll quit and you succeed in leaving the cigarettes alone but others, you just can't stop yourself!  You should definitely take up a sport right now to take your mind off tobacco!

Gemini, Aquarius, and Sagittarius

You are what people call social smokers, you know that person that lights up when you’re talking on the phone or sharing a drink with friends… Smoking allows you to forget your problems and instantly relaxes you. If you feel the urge to smoke during a discussion with your friends, drink your favorite fruit juice or chew some gum, the key is to distract yourself.

Cancer, Taurus, and Pisces

It’s difficult to break the habit of smoking, because it no doubt reminds you of your childhood, do you have fond memories with people who smoked when you were a child? Cigarettes and smoking provide you with a sense of comfort, although in order to quit, you must put the idea of comfort out of your head. If you're in need of a cigarette, eat a mint-flavored candy or nibble on some candy.

Libra and Leo

For you, cigarettes play a part of your allure, and you think you are sexier when you have a cigarette in hand than without… you pout your lips to smoke in the way that these classic movie stars did. Remember smoking doesn't equal glamour! Stop! Think of how you’re damaging your looks each time you puff on a cigarette. Smoking damages your skin, hair, teeth, and makes you look lifeless, everything you hate!

Virgo and Scorpio

For Scorpios and Virgos, cigarettes are closely linked to doing something forbidden and allow their rebellious side to emerge. Cigarettes momentarily relieve Scorpios and Virgos of any bad feelings, how over time they develop a dependence and have a hard time quitting. Think of relaxation and respiration techniques in order to chase away stress when you feel an increase in anxiety or confide in a psychologist. The key is to chase away your biggest worry: the idea of not needing a cigarette anymore!


You’ve never had a strong desire to start smoking, but now you’ve tried it, and your addiction is strong. Call on the reasoning that’s stronger within you than it is in others. Search for reports and photos of the effects of tobacco. It’s because of this realization that you'll be able stop, even overnight. Concentrate, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and call upon your willpower. Drink a large glass of water whenever the desire for tobacco arises. Your persistence will win over all!

Good luck to everyone, and bravo on this first step!    

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