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Leaving Everything to Change Your Life

Ever felt like you’re wasting your life? Missing out on the essentials? Are you dreaming of reconstructing your life elsewhere, preferably far away and under the sun? Do you rejoice at the idea of handing in your resignation? Are you sure you’re ready to blow off everything?

Are you bored of the regular work-eat-sleep routine and dreaming about someplace else? Do you desire to change cities – even a continent – for a new job and, why not? Maybe you're in a relationship? Are you sure that this is a true desire of yours, or are you simply a victim to a society obsessed with consumption?

We’re raised in a happiness cult where everything becomes a Kleenex: “I'll just throw away whatever I'm not happy with,” so ask yourself some questions! Do you really need to leave everything behind you or is this just a trend?

Dumping everything to move away: is it really what you want?

200 years ago our lives were outlined for us with marriage, children and a stable job. Nowadays, people want thriving jobs that pay well, a sexy and intelligent partner, and a never-stopping life on top of that!

With any hiccup in our relationship or drama at the workplace, we’d prefer to drop everything instead of looking to move forward and accept the ups and downs that come with life…

Social networks have become open doors to the life of other people, and you see everything: a new job, a newborn baby, new boyfriends/girlfriends, and tropical vacations. When you compare your life side-by-side, it can look pretty dull… Stop comparing yourself and don’t forget that your “friends” only show you what they want you to see! No body uploads a picture when they're bored at home!

Dreaming of starting from zero? Following your childhood dreams? Is this really the right solution? Are you making the right choice? To know more, ask one of our mediums! 

How to leave everything and change your life

Dreaming of closing the door? Say ciao to company! No one decides to drop everything on a sudden impulse. This is a big change that has consequences, so take your time to think about this!

Ask yourself the right questions:

  • What are the reasons motivating me to leave?
  • Objectively, are they reasons sufficient for such a life change?
  • What will I get out of this?
  • Will friends back home suffer from my choice?
  • What’s keeping me here?
  • Do you have a solid project?

Need a little helping hand? Ask one of our tarot card readers and discover if this is a good idea or not…

Are you ready to drop everything to change up your life?

Click on your sign and discover if you should take the plunge!

Leaving Everything to Change Your Life

Should you stay or drop everything and leave?

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