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How Much Emphasis Do You Place on Other People's Opinions?

Have you ever wondered what someone thought of you when they first saw you? We always worry about the gaze of other people, but at different levels. How much importance do you place on questions like “what will he or she say?” Do you have the tendency to make choices or act according to what others think or, on the contrary, not care at all?

We all know, from at least one time in our life, the fear of being judged, the fear of not being on par with others, or the fear of not being perceived what we’re worth. Have you ever had a knot in your stomach in a meeting, an interview, or before speaking in front of strangers? Have you ever asked what others think of your new haircut or your outfit before you get dressed in the morning?

In society, the gaze of others can expel an images of what’s acceptable and what is not, allowing us to adapt to our environment. Originally, it was a beneficial phenomenon but when the question of “what will people say?” takes up too much of our thoughts, it can transfix us and cause us to lose confidence in ourselves.

Do the gazes from other people paralyze you? Overcome your fear with the help of our psychics.

5 Reasons to forget about what others think about you

1. It doesn’t do you any good

The verdict won’t be positive in any case, so it’s best to not know what others think and go and change just to content your entourage. Not to mention, what please some people won’t always please others.

2. They’re interested in you, but are you interested in them?

In the majority of situations, the people you’re worried about don’t really interest you (if so, think about this carefully), so why waste time with them? They won’t bring you anything good.

3. You can’t please everyone

Nope, we aren’t a country of Care Bears even though they are adorable. There will always be people who find fault in everything, so just accept it.

4. You’re wasting your time

By asking yourself “what will other people think?” you’re wasting your own time, and you’ll progress quicker once you get rid of this burden.

5. Only your opinion counts

First of all, learn to love yourself before wasting time on other people’s opinions. Only your judgment counts.

How much emphasis do you place on what other people think about you?

Read about how much emphasis you put on the thoughts and looks of others; however, don’t forget that we’re using the description of pure, natural signs. Other elements, like your birth chart, play roles in how you behave.


You don’t care much about how other people view you since you rather spare yourself the shock. You are the embodiment of spontaneity and you say what you think. For you, it’s “people who like me will follow me, and it’s a loss for those who won’t!”


You look for peace above everything else, and you make sure you never bother other people. You like to be appreciated and, in order to do this, you’re capable of making great effort for a while then throw a huge fit of anger all of a sudden and make a bad impression. You always feel horrifically after this happens!


You aren’t dependent on what other people think but you’re scared of solitude, so that means you respect some rules and manners to be sure you’re welcomed everywhere.

Cancer and Pisces

Here are two signs that are super dependent on the looks from and thoughts of others because they’re very scared of being rejected. These are sensitive, emotional, and vulnerable people and are capable of losing sleep after an unkind remark. One word of advice: try to get away and take a break. Being criticized happens to everyone and this isn’t a catastrophe!

Leo and Libra

These are two signs equally dependent on the looks from and thoughts of other people, but this is because they want to be admired and loved! They hate the idea of disappointing and are very dependent on their image they give off, hence their flirtatiousness and the care they give to their image… It’s even a little too much because they fear losing their authenticity!


You are very dependent on the looks from others because you feel criticism easily, and you’re always scare of not doing what you should, so as a result, you lose all of your personal initiative! Physically, you do everything to avoid any remarks, you dress plainly and are very discreet to avoid having people look at you who, according to you, are criticizing you! You’re going to need to learn that one glance can be flattering!


You’re dependent on the looks from others but you love to be liked as much as criticized! For you, the fact that anyone notices you is enough! One would believe that you don’t care at all about what people think, but your rebellious side is, in fact, a way of being seen more!


You are very dependent on looks from and thoughts of others and follow rules very carefully because you love to be surrounded by people. You need to be seen to feel alive. You want to please others and make use of your relationships to help your career or interests. People often attribute a hypocritical side to a “natural” Sagittarius.


You aren’t at all dependent on what others think, you are the ultimate authentic sign. You don’t care if you please or not, if you’re accepted or not, etc. because you accept yourself for who you are. You are a very free soul! As a result, you like to give off a chic but simple appearance.


You’re normally known as the sign of originality, sometimes even of “marginality.” You’re dependent on the views of others BUT only for doing the opposite of what others expect of you! You love to dress outrageously with bright colors, and you’re easily show yourself as eccentric in order to attract attention. You amuse yourself with the dumbstruck looks people give you, though if you’re doing this, it isn’t because you want to be transparent!

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