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The Top 5 Most Extravagant Signs

Summer sales officially start in June and 2016 will be no exception. As always, your bank account risks taking a hit. Even if it’s the occasion to get a good deal, it’s no reason to go over your budget. For certain astrological signs, that’s completely mission impossible… discover which ones!

Whether you’re a big spender, thrifty, or even a cheapskate, our relationship with money says a lot about our personality. The fear of not having much, the need to shine, to be noticed conveys our anxieties and our personality.

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The signs who spend the most are…

Our astrologer is upfront, and the signs who spend the most are Aries, Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Scorpio. If you or your other half are one of these signs, it’s best to avoid shops or go out with money in your pocket in order to not exceed your budget.

1. Aries

You love pampering yourself and making the most of life. You reckon that money was made to circulate freely and to keep the economy going. Because you’re impulsive, you’re the king/queen of sudden impulse purchases. During sales, avoid temptations because you won’t know how to resist them!

2. Cancer

Childlike, you’re capable of sulking or throwing a tantrum to get the dress or the unaffordable clothes that you saw in the window. When your piggy bank isn’t full, you’re angry and you’ll tap your foot like you saved money for no reason. You’d prefer to bury your head in the sand… In short, you’re not very responsible, and should avoid temptations, too!

3. Leo

You need to shine in public with luxury, fashion, and shopping. In your eyes, there’s nothing more beautiful than when someone notices you. With you, money circulates and you love everything that sparkles. You refuse absolutely nothing, the important thing being that people notice you.

4. Libra

You’d love to be a billionaire so you could wear the most beautiful things: clothes, jewelry, pieces that are at the forefront of fashion… nothing’s too beautiful to please your eye for esthetics. You love beautiful things too much to let them go, but you also know how to avoid putting your bank account in a dangerous situation… You know how to carefully balance things! Spend during sales? Yes, but overdraw your account? No!

5. Scorpio

Your bank account is used to a yoyo regime, and you can spend everything on a sudden impulse to satisfy a desire or fully indulge your passions. You are the perfect big-spender, you do whatever you’re thinking about, and the more daring it is, the more you feel alive! Avoiding window shopping would be best…

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