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The 3 Luckiest Signs in the Year of the Monkey

The Year of the Monkey promise to be happy and very active, but it’ll also be far from pleasing everyone… The mischievous Monkey will cause a little bit of chaos that could annoy some people. Surprises and dramatic turns of events will be in store, so know how to show the Monkey that you’re just as clever as he is!

The Year of the Monkey will succeed the Goat on February 8th, 2016, the day of the New Moon in Aquarius. This will be a Yang year, which means that it’ll be an active and dynamic year. Yang years coordinate with the Sun, the colors white and red, diurnal life, warmth, extroversion, the conscious, and masculinity. This is why the Year of the Monkey will be favorable to the birth of baby boys.

The Year of the Monkey will be a year that’s explosive and unexpected, focused on careers and innovation. The atmosphere will be optimistic, focused on creativity, taking risks, and relaxation in your professional life as well as your personal life.

However, pay attention for surprises! The ingenious macaque likes to entertain and loves to wreak havoc in his wake: dramatic turns of events, confusing feelings, manipulation, usurpation, etc. With him, it’s all about confusion and no one can make him bored.


The Monkey’s Friends

The Monkey will spoil his Rat, Dragon, and Rooster friends, but the year is appearing to be more complicated for the Rabbit, the Bull, and the Tiger.

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It’s a terrific year for you. Your efforts will pay off and you’ll find a good balance. It’s the time to get married. And, yes! The Rat and the Monkey maintain an excellent relationship. Luck will be at your side and numerous opportunities will present themselves to you. It’s up to you to benefit from moving ahead, make your business more productive, and use your charm wisely without spreading yourself too far.


The Dragon will have a magnificent year under this sign of success. Think of doing some saving. The year promises to be excellent for the majestic Dragon. On a professional schedule, you’re going to be able to put yourself in front and demonstrate your talents. Financially-speaking, you’ll make some good deals but pay attention to your spending between September and December. Your social and love life will shower you with happiness. You’ll be loved and popular.


This year will be beneficial for the honorable Rooster, principally with what concerns your career. You’ll have ambitious projects, take tantalizing risks, and have assertive positions. Don’t forget that, during the Year of the Monkey, humor and diplomacy will be less impressive than belligerence or stubbornness.


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