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Numerology Forecast for 2016

Everything in the universe moves in cycles. Our universe, planet, and all living beings are impacted by numbers and cycles that they revolve around. Each number has a meaning, duties, and responsibilities. Aligning ourselves with them puts us in synchronicity with the universe and our soul mission. Read more to find out what 2016 has in store! Our guest author, Jean Pierre, has a lot to share!*

The essence of 2016 is 9 (2+0+1+6 =9), symbolizing the end of a 9 year cycle.
The aim of cycle 9 is to bring an end to various matters and issues which are no longer relevant. 2016 will prepare us to enter a whole new 9-year cycle starting in 2017.

Number 9 deals with all humanitarian aspects which include our planet, human beings, and animals. A year 9 is a period to focus on doing what’s right for our planet, human beings, and animals. It forecasts a time of completion, rest, and forgiveness.

Unless someone denies reality, our world clearly has the need for major changes. This is not the place to be political or business correct with an enumeration of what needs to be corrected. This is rather a place to write about hope, awareness, and consciousness which will help turn things around, provided we all want it.

We tend to live as if we’re alone on this earth by not assuming responsibility when it comes to anything outside our person and our ego. 2016 is the year to show our humanitarian and dependable side and think globally. We are one with the universe, with people, with nature, with animals, and with all other living entities in the world.

If we really desire to change our world to benefit the living beings on our planet, we ALL need to consciously do our part and contribute in raising awareness. We all need to help those still unaware of it. This is the year to take hold of all of our responsibilities for the sake of our soul, our future, future posterity, and our planet.

We have a whole year - 365 days - to work towards this goal. If we really want to move towards new horizons starting in 2017, we can make it happen together!

A 9-year is the year to put an end to everything we no longer need.

We will each be confronted with various issues pertaining to our past, specifically what we’ve been doing over the past 9 years (possibly also 18, 27, 36 and 45 years ago). Review it from a universal-cosmic aspect and whether we’ve assumed our responsibilities towards each other, the animals, and our planet.

There is fundamentally no good or bad things, no good or bad times. As a dear friend of mine says, “everything happens FOR us, not TO us.” Look at your life with a new realistic outlook. Ask yourself: how you can change your life, move forward, and impact others positively? Learn to let go of what you don’t want/need anymore. You will be surprised at how much easier this can be and, at the end of the year, you’ll be glad you did.

For those who want it, we’ll all be given a chance to go back over the past and revisit all the things we’ve done or need to re-do. For some, this 9-cycle may mean a second chance in a relationship, family matter, or in a work environment. Don’t wait… Act now! 

Key words for 2016 are completion and forgiveness. Take it easy on yourself: forget about dropping a few stray pounds to thinking about dropping that grudge you’ve been carrying around instead- you will feel so much lighter. Since 2016 is a humanitarian year, do something to help in any field you choose. Boldly voice what you have to say. You are part of the universe, you are part of our population. What we do impacts us all.

You’ve lived many lives already. Stop living in fear and being afraid to say what you have to say. Voice any concern calmly and conscientiously. There are billions of other people thinking like you.

Let’s all together restore a conscious humanity in synchronicity with what 2016 and its cycle 9 requires.

Some suggestions to try:

  • Meditate, meditate, meditate
  • Attend meetings where you can meet peers interested in reaching a higher though process
  • De-clutter! Give or throw away what you no longer need, materially and spiritually
  • Make amends: forgive an enemy or write an apology to anyone you’ve done wrong.
  • Start a journal and record your dreams
  • Nature speaks! Notice the color of flowers, trees, and the type of animals showing up (birds, dogs, frogs, etc.). Look up their symbolism. They show up FOR you. Understand their message.
  • Help clear your heart by dealing with issues from the past and ending them positively
  • Finish any lingering project you’ve been putting off
  • Learn how to enjoy peace and happiness

Jean Pierre

*Jean Pierre is available for your questions! Click here to ask!

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