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Love and Relationships, Happiness or Heartache

Life is full of lessons that we're all going to eventually learn. This is how we grow and understand love. While it may take time to find the right someone, we need to put our needs first before we start sharing moments with another person. This will help us avoid a relationship that could be detrimental to our well-being and happiness. With help from our guest author, Susan, you can begin the search for the right partner.

Love and Relationships, Happiness or Heartache

In life we have many lessons to learn. This is how we grow and understand love. Experience teaches us what is positive and what is negative in relationships. Love does not grow on trees and cannot be bought. Love is precious and all-encompassing which is why it can take time to find the "Right One." Some of us fall for the "Wrong One" because we do not feel we deserve any better. Ask yourself 'do I love myself?' This is the first step to finding a happy, loving relationship. Loving yourself empowers you. If you do not love and value yourself enough, then who else is going to love you? This gives you the ability to learn what you need rather than what you may think you need, what you deserve, and also what you will not accept in a potential partner.

The Past

So many of us dwell on past relationships that have not worked out. It is important to let go and move on from these often painful, unhappy encounters. These past relationships should not have any influence on new partners. Learn from past mistakes, but do not judge or compare what has previously not worked out. New love should be exciting and special and you should be focused on that, not the past.

Warning Bells!

Of course, not everyone is ready to be dating after a break up. The timing is down to the individuals own healing. Every person in life crosses our path for a REASON, a SEASON, or a LIFETIME! Someone new out of a relationship may just be feeling lonely and needing a shoulder to cry on. You do not want to be their counsellor! Many people are naturally “rescuers” and get caught up in an unsuitable relationship because they feel sorry for that person. Ask yourself: are they expecting you to do all the chasing? Do they take ages to return your calls? Are they often not available to see you, particularly on the weekends? Are they actually single? In some cases, if it’s down to just not being compatible, do not take this any further because this will not improve.

Allow Love to Come In!

Be confident! This is always attractive! Your energy gives out the message of happiness, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Smile! Everyone loves a smile. It goes a long way and invites people to talk to you. Positivity! There is nothing more off-putting than a negative person on a first date. Do not be needy! This comes across as desperation and is immediately a warning bell! Have fun! Be yourself and let your personality shine through!

Love is All You Need!

Love is wonderful and amazing. It plays an enormously important part in our lives and our future. True love is like no other feeling: it is an all-consuming, a deepened emotion that bonds us together mind, body, and spirit. It is unconditional with no expectations. Have faith and trust because you deserve it. When you do find it, treasure and nurture it.  Do not try to settle for anything less. Wishing you many blessings for love and happiness for your future!


*Susan is a professional medium who works with our sites. She has given her time to provide us with this special article just in time for Valentine's Day. To contact her, please click here! 



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