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The 3 Most Sensitive Signs

Have you noticed that some people are more sensitive than others? They feel easily unsettled and the least amount of unfairness or hurtful words upsets them. Astrology can explain a lot about why this character trait is common with signs of Water. Find out moreā€¦

Hyper-senstive, thin skinned people often have the impression that they’re balancing on the edge, ready to explode into a very heavy emotional charge. Their sensitivity often makes them very charming and loveable. Did you know, numerous actors including Johnny Depp, consider themselves to be hypersensitive.

Typically, the 3 most hypersensitive zodiac signs are water signs. Read on to learn more, or ask one of our mediums!

The Most Sensitive Zodiacs

The most sensitive signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces (with the award going to Pisces)!

All hypersensitive and empathetic, these three are at the same time vulnerable and fragile, but also more intuitive than the other signs! They have magnificent perceptive and psychological qualities but they can easily offended if someone lacks tact around them. They have a real need to be cuddled and cared for. Here is what your need to know about these 3 sensitive signs!

Cancer: Cancer people are childish! Cancers will sulk if they feel attacked or vexed and they’ll genuinely suffer. Don’t leave them alone when a dispute comes up, cajole them instead.

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