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Relax with the Help of Sophrology!

Life really puts us to the test sometimes and stress and fatigue accumulate daily. Certain days are difficult to feel radiant and confident in yourself. Whatever your problems are, sophrology helps you manage your worries and help put your mind and body at ease.

When you’re stressed, you feel like your stomach is in knots, your hands are clammy, and your heartbeat’s racing. It’s a fact that your mind has an effect on the body in return. Sophrology acts to bring the mind and body back to a harmonious state. The term “sophrology” comes from the Greek “SOS PHREN LOGOS” which means “let the conscience live in equilibrium.”

Sophrology accompanies you in your personal growth. Our mediums can help, too! 


Sophrology was created in the 1960s by Dr. Alfonso Caycedo, a Colombian neuropsychiatrist. Interest by the human psyche, the states, and the levels of human consciousness, this young doctor used a very brave medical approach because he desired to improve the quality of life for his patients. He developed this method and became familiar with it while he was studying yoga in India and Zen in Japan.

Caycedo defined sophrology as “the study of the human conscience and its existential values.”

How is sophrology practiced?

The approach here proposes a variety of practical exercises. These little exercises were chosen so you can do them at home as well as work, on the train or subway, etc. To get results, it’s advised to do these exercises very regularly and each time you feel stress engulfing you or you’re running late, the subway is jam-packed, you’ve received a discouraging remark from your boss, when you feel panicked, as well as at the end of the day in order to assure a good night’s sleep. These bits of advice help you to become familiar with sophrology and might keep you from having to pay for a professional.

Discovering Sophrology

Sophrology is more than a method of relaxation (by the way, music isn’t used in sophrology!). Sophrology is the science (tested and proved) of the conscience. You can present a method (theory) and a technique (practice) based on respiration, relaxation, and visualization.

This field allows you to become aware of the body-mind connection and work on this relationship between the two. It places an importance on the fact that the mind acts on the body and vice-versa (that the body has an effect on the mind)!

Stress, irritation, and trauma can considerably damage our health and send negative information to our bodies. Sophrology helps us to relieve ourselves of tension, focus on our needs to better understand ourselves per se, and know how our body functions. It helps gives us positive vibes and does us well before any damage can settle in.

And, if damage has already been done, sophrology helps us to live better, relieve our pains and put them at a distance. Thanks to sophrology, you can rediscover harmony and inner balance while using it. It’s an obvious medium for personal growth.

How can I practice sophrology?

Respiration is key for sophrology. To face contradictions and stress, practice this little exercise every moment of the day whether you’re on the subway, at work, or at home.

To relieve stress, learn to breathe:

1)    Inhale while expanding your stomach area as far as it’ll go, expanding only the thoracic cage.

2)    Exhale slowly and as long as possible.

3)    Repeat this exercise multiple times.


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