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Connection between Candles and Zodiac signs

There are close connections that exist between the colors of candles, the days of the week, the planets, and the zodiac signs. Each color possesses its own signification so you need to consider this whenever you’re carrying out a ritual.

Candle, Color, and Zodiac Sign

Each day has a corresponding color and rituals you go through will be much more effective if you choose to do them on the appropriate day. Candles can also allude to someone who’s being depicted by their zodiac sign, which can also be symbolized by a particular color.

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Choosing the Right Candle Color

To make your dreams a reality, you should burn a candle in the appropriate color. Here is a small guide about the effects of each candle color.

Connection between Color and the Day of the Week

  • Sunday (Sun): Gold
  • Monday (Moon): Silver
  • Tuesday (Mars): Red
  • Wednesday (Mercury): Orange
  • Thursday (Jupiter): Blue
  • Friday (Venus): Green
  • Saturday (Saturn): Mauve


Connection between Color and Astrological Sign

  • Aries: Red and purple
  • Taurus: Green
  • Gemini: Yellow
  • Scorpio: Silver-gray or dark red, ochre
  • Cancer: White, ivory, silver
  • Sagittairius: Purple, mauve
  • Leo: Gold, orange
  • Capricorn: Dark brown
  • Virgo: Light brown, red-brown
  • Libra: Pink
  • Aquarius: Blue
  • Pisces: Pale mauve


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