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Rituals For Success In Every Area Of Your Life

Spells, amulets and charms are amongst many existing rituals practiced since ancient times that can be adapted to any situations: familial or romantic relationships, personal development, money, or even everyday life. This is a selection of the most efficient and best rituals for you to savor. These rituals will help you adjust your life in order to to face your destiny. Chase the success you dream of and give yourself the best shot!
Rituals for:

We often dream of influencing our destiny by inducing certain things, so what if we actually could? What if we could have everything we always wanted including love, money, and a successful career! Our experts will reveal some of their compelling rituals and techniques to get exactly what we want.

Rituals for love

  • To seal your love forever: Buy some violets and dry them out. Make a nice meal for your loved one and sprinkle the dish with the dried violets. This will bind you together forever.
  • To win your ex back: Visualize the person you love before going to sleep. Imagine that they are next to you. Feel the joy and the well-being which fills your body. Do this exercise every night before going to sleep and do not be too impatient - it often takes time for them to return!

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Rituals for a better daily life

  • To protect yourself from a negative person, put a picture of this individual facing a mirror. The energy from this person will return back to them.
  • To protect a new born: roll up some dill sprigs and sage with red thread. Place this under the bed of the new-born and say "the dill and sage watch over you as you sleep, they will repel bad dreams and everything that you fear."

Rituals for personal development

  • To become patient: focus on saying "if I endure the influence of impatience at this stage of my life, make sure I regain tolerance. From today until tomorrow, from now until the end, may my patience improve throughout."
  • To return negative energies: imagine that you are the Sun and your rays prevent bad energies from reaching you. This is a simple yet effective technique.


Rituals for a solid family life

  • To prevent tension, you'll need: 1 white cloth, 1 green thread, 1 feather, and some salt. Put the salt in the white cloth and repeat "May the misfortune that I am a victim of see its power vanish and its force reduce. May the shackles overshadowing my space and my time be dragged as far away as possible" 3 times.

Rituals for prosperity 

  • To protect your wealth, you'll need: 1 white candle (for serenity), 1 green candle (provides luck for material goods), your zodiac gemstone, some manna and benzoin incenses, some lime tea, wheat, fenugreek, juniper, and ginkgo powder. 
  • Put all these elements in a little pouch and place it as a decorative object in a room where you are most at ease. 
  • When you're able to silently meditate in the dark, light up some candles and charcoal, then put the incense on the charcoal when it starts crackling. 
  • Allow the candles and the incense to burn while you concentrate on your assets and the pleasure you get during these 15 to 30 minutes. Do this ritual as soon as you feel able to concentrate on the subject, but always make sure it is during a crescent Moon.

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