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Graphology: Study Your Handwriting to Know Yourself Better

We all have our own style of writing that has evolved over the years. Writing is more than a simple tracing on a piece of paper, it is more complex and reveals certain elements of our personality and our character. Get to know yourself better thanks to graphology.

Graphology is the study of people’s personalities through their handwriting. Analysis isn’t limited to a simple movement or a letter, it looks into the whole picture: expressiveness of movement, the shapes of letters, and studies of spaces are all minute points observed by a graphologist to draw up someone’s character portrait.

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Graphology Analysis: Which traits apply to you?

There are 3essential points when analyzing your handwriting: the stem, the medial zone, and the downstroke.

The “stem” is the major part of space you use when you write a T or D, for example. This area is associated with the mind. The more the stem is accentuated, the more the person is oriented towards intelligence.

The medial zone includes all of the letters that are in between the “stems,” such as an A, O, or R. Thirteen letters are included in this zone, which represents sensibility. If your handwriting is situated essentially in this area, it signifies that you act on your feelings and that you are capable of a lot of empathy.

The downstroke is an inferior part of line space and includes letters like J, P, and G and symbolizes material life. If these letters are accentuated, this could mean that you’re well-grounded.

The way you use space on a page is studied just as much as your handwriting! Is your writing very spacious or very close together? Do you leave huge margins?

In the same way, the speed which you write with, the size of the letters, slope, pressure, lineal direction, the connection between each letter, etc. are the type of things that graphologists will put under a microscope in order to paint a precise picture of you.

Signature Graphology: An Important Element

Your signature is the last element that the reader sees and is very important in a graphology analysis because it reveals a lot of things about a person.

The first element observed is:

The complexity of the signature: with or without signed initials, underlined, scribbled, etc. The more the first name is legible, the more a person thinks themselves important, but this single aspect isn’t enough to analyze the signature.

A graphologist also looks at the place of the signature on the page. If it’s too the left, for example, the person is probably stuck in the past more than the future and hides a certain shyness. If it’s too the right, the person is dynamic and sometimes impulsive.

Just like the text, the position of the signature is analyzed. If it ascends upward, the person is ambitious. If it’s the opposite and descending, the person is often judged as pessimistic.

Lastly, a graphologist will observe the signature in relation to the rest of the text. If the signature is smaller than the text, that could signal and inferiority complex, for example. If it’s the opposite and a little bigger, the person is probably ambitious.

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