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Preparing a successful return to work

Do you fall victim to the Sunday Night Blues? Lacking the desire to return? Reluctant to reconnect with the daily routine, the job, your boss and the frenetic public transport? Say goodbye to the Dolce Vita, idleness and letting go… No need to panic, discover how to lastingly enjoy the good moments of the summer. We provide you with all the best tips on how to prepare a smooth start of autumn.

The transition between the easygoing, luxurious summer days and the frenzy of the office is always difficult. Before you're aware of it, you find yourself thrown into a world full of pressure where a lot is expected of you. A brilliant start to autumn, whether personal or professional, needs to be planned in advance. Read all our tips to help ensure a smooth sailing back to work.

Feeling the Blues at the start of autumn? Here's how to deal with it!

It is obvious that spending numerous carefree weeks and having to return to a constrictive environment can cause you to feel down in the dumps. You have developed a habit of doing things as you please without having to answer to anyone. Now the time has come for some adjustment to be made: you need to resume your work routine. Bite the bullet and set small and attainable goals to get back into the swing of things.

Whenever the beginning of autumn is brought up, we know there's about to be incompleted documents, people rushing everywhere, meetings, action plans, new projects, etc... This vivacity contrasts with the idleness of the holidays. Your return is being met with a lot of work and you would rather be doing something else. It's not surprising that you can barely remember your office’s telephone number!

Be careful if you are an Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, or Aquarius since you all tend to stress out more than the other zodiac signs.

First and foremost, do not put things off until tomorrow because the tasks will pile up and you'll only have yourself to blame. Avoid ending up with a guilty conscience. To eliminate all of those emotions, consider doing yoga or some sophrology to return to Zen!

Easily returning to work

Holidays are known for including appetizers, huge breakfasts with family, and those sweet moments spent with the youngest family member who won't stop growing! Trying to juggle the return to work and fun is possible! Keep fond memories of your holidays and use this time to establish slight changes to your everyday life. There is nothing stopping you from having fun on the upcoming weekend, but be sure to keep the party at home.

Reviewing your work reports

The holidays give us a wonderful perspective on our lives. It gives us hindsight and the ability to evaluate our lives. What makes you really happy? What sort of relationship do you have at work? What are your life's ambitions? Which career path will allow you to grow the most? It's the right time to redefine your priorities and progress towards a better balance between your professional and family responsibilities.

Take it easy on D-Day

It's unnecessary to try to give 120% from day one. In fact, you shouldn't rush into things. If possible, avoid attending big meetings right from the beginning and settle for a less eventful day. Make sure you do not stay behind too late. Avoid being exhausted on day one by allowing yourself to regain energy.

Your inbox is calling for help!

You may go into shock from the number of unread emails you've acquired during the holidays. Your mailbox is overflowing and the emails marked "urgent" stress you out.

Some useful tips:

  • Start by sorting out your messages in 3 different mail boxes: "urgent", "can wait", "not so urgent"
  • Make sure to sort everything out in the morning. It's best to start the most tedious tasks armed with a cup of coffee and a fresh mind!
  • One email at the time!
  • Set a number of emails to sort out per day (from 50 to 100 or more depending on the state of your inbox)

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