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Bad Date Drama: 25 People Describe Their Worst Dates Ever

Admittedly, dating isn’t easy and yes, you do have to kiss a few frogs before finding your perfect partner, but how bad can it really get? Well, you might be surprised, we asked around for people’s worst date horror stories and trust us, we weren’t short of people who’d endured what someone put it as the ‘worst two hours ever’! If you are in need of a giggle you’re in the right place and read up on 25 bad dates!

Thanks to the Internet and apps, dating has never been easier, but that doesn’t mean to say the quality of dates has improved. Prepare yourself for some serious awkwardness!

Bad dates…Warning these are terrible!

First dates are nerve-wracking and it’s totally normal to feel a little jittery and unsure. First dates are really stepping into the unknown; will you be attracted to your date and will you get on well? With so much pressure on dating, there’s no wonder things can turn ugly in an instant! 25 People reveal their absolutely terrible bad first dates. Get ready to giggle!


‘My worst date consisted of me making up an excuse to take off after just 30 minutes because I had been catfished! Yep, Chris the tall, handsome guy I expected to turn up never showed, instead a slightly less attractive Chris was there waiting for me at the table. It’s not so much his looks that put me off but the lying.’ – Louise, 28.

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Ex on the brain

‘Sure, your ex-partners once played an important role in your life, but that doesn’t mean you can constantly talk about them on dates or show pictures of them for that matter of fact! My most recent date managed to talk about his ex-girlfriend Annie for an hour, now I feel like I know her too!’ – Amber, 32.

Cheapskate date

‘Dating doesn’t have to mean going to fancy restaurants and expensive bars, but I draw the line on going to McDonalds! I went out on a date last week with Mike who thought it would be okay to take me to McDonalds, well here’s news for you, Mike, it’s not okay!’ – Rebecca, 25.

Big opinions

‘I few months back, I went on date with someone my friends set me up with, now they did warn me beforehand that he was a little opinionated and often expressed his thoughts aloud. I just didn’t expect him to criticize my dress sense, hair and make-up in front of me after I'd spend ages getting ready!’– Lauren, 31.


‘I’m a bit of a reluctant dater but I got talked into going out on a date with a guy who recently started working in the same office as me. Office pleasantries are fine, but let’s say they don’t reveal a person’s real character! This guy was just the rudest person I’ve ever met, I couldn’t wait for the date to be over.’ – Katy, 28.

Silence is bliss...

‘I know I can be a big talker and at times I don’t let people get a word in edgewise, so I keep that in mind when I date and let the other person take the lead when it comes to conversation. This was a huge mistake on one of my previous dates because the guy said almost nothing in 2 hours, those were definitely the longest 2 hours of my life.’– Stacey, 36.

Texting obsession

‘There’s nothing I hate more than people constantly texting and not engaging when in company. My worst date was with a huge fan of texting and social media, she literally couldn’t put her cellphone down for more than 10 seconds, let’s just say we didn’t see each other again.’ – Ryan, 29.

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0 to 100 too quickly

‘My horror date was with someone who was just totally overfriendly and got way ahead of himself. For the record, just because a woman agrees to go on a date with you, it doesn’t mean she envisages a sexual relationship, commitment and marriage right away’. – Michelle, 30.

Onion breath

‘I’m very big on hygiene and being presentable, so you can imagine when I wound up on a date with someone with onion breath and dirty nails, I didn’t feel much chemistry’. – Aron, 29.

Third wheel

‘Dating should be fun, but people shouldn’t forget the purpose is actually to get to know someone better and not just to hang out with your buddy! My worst date was when I was in college and consisted of a very big third wheel in the shape of my date’s best friend, which wasn’t so romantic.’ – Laurie, 36.


‘My worst ever date has to be the time I went to dinner with Andrew, and he got my name wrong all evening. I still remember his name very clearly years later, so why couldn’t he remember mine and who even is Caroline?!’ – Adrianna, 26.

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‘I once went out with a really good looking guy which was great, the only problem was he knew it and his overconfidence was just a complete turnoff for me. There’s a very fine line between being confident and self-obsessed.’– Anna, 35.

Too soon...

‘I appreciate that recent breakups can be difficult events to deal; and that's totally fine, just don’t throw yourself back in to the world of dating so soon like one of my dates once did. She spent the whole date talking about her ex and even began to cry.’ – Matt, 38.

Tinder curse

‘Dating apps are great, just don’t use them when you’re actually on a date with someone! A few weeks back I went on a date with Sean an accountant, who spent part of the night matching himself with other girls on Tinder.’ – Hailey, 25.

Food in teeth

‘I went on a blind date a couple of months ago and the guy was totally lovely, really friendly and likeable, the only thing is he had pieces of food stuck between his teeth the whole time. This doesn’t seem too big of a deal, but trust me, it did get really awkward’. – Courtney, 34.

Wandering eye

‘My most awkward date was with a guy that just couldn’t stop checking out other girls. Guys finding other girls attractive I can handle, but actually commenting about how ‘hot’ they are is just too much for me’.– Amanda, 31.

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Wind problems

‘I can’t believe I’m about to say this but here goes, my worst date was with a guy who really didn’t feel too well and who just couldn’t stop farting. I felt really bad because he was really adorable otherwise, I wish he had just called before to reschedule.’– Jennifer, 31.

Let's move in?

‘I have been known as a bit of a commitment phobe in the past, but I don’t think I blew things out of proportion when I run a mile after someone suggested we vacation and move in together after a first date.’– Adam, 29.


‘I had to make my excuses and put an immediate end to a recent date after noticing my dates cellphone vibrating on the table, it was his ‘wifey’ was calling, the guy was married!’ – Vanessa, 28.

Democrat or republican?

‘I recently signed up for a dating site and had my first date with Caitlyn, she seemed nice enough, but on the actual date all she wanted to discuss was politics. I have nothing against anyone interested in politics, I’m just not into debating on a first date.’– Brandon, 26.

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See-through top drama

‘My worst date ended in total embarrassment for me. I wasn’t really into my date anyway and didn’t really feel much of a spark but stayed to be polite, but things got worse when our drinks were served, I ended up spilling mine all down my top and yes, it became see-through’. – Melissa, 30.

Nose bleed

‘I get really nervous when it comes to dating and meeting new people, but I didn’t expect to finish my most recent date with a huge nose bleed. Fortunately, my date was great and even contacted me afterwards to see how I was shaping up, which helped to tone down the embarrassment’. – James, 26.


‘This one date almost made me give up on dating and finding someone. 3 years ago I went on a date with a girl who just hated everything, she was just so miserable and negative, she even hated puppies! Fortunately a few months later, I found my current partner’. – Gabriel, 30.

Aliens, aliens, aliens

‘Dating is never easy but it’s even more difficult when you wind up on a date with someone who believes in aliens and only wants to talk about their alien obsession all night. Let’s just say I was really happy when the bar closed’. – Joshua, 29

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‘My worst date was with a manchild, the only type of conversation this guy could manage was about gaming. The worst thing is that when I got up to go to the restroom, my date actually starting gaming on his cellphone!’– Kayla, 27.

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