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The Top 20 Biggest Dating Turn Offs For Guys

We know as well as anyone else that the dating is hard work and understanding guys and what turns them off can be a huge challenge. Remember that date you thought went well? How come he never called you back? Check out our list of men’s top biggest 20 biggest dating turn offs and you may finally understand why you never got a second date!

Ladies, we all know what turns guys on, but the question is what really turns men off on a first date and makes them change their mind about someone? Dating is tough, but we're about to make things a whole lot easier for you! What are the biggest turn offs for guys? Knowing what turns guys is off is just as important as knowing what guys like and want in a partner.

The 20 biggest turn offs for guys!

Think you know what turns guys off? Well, you could be in for a real surprise. Find out everything you need to know here about what turns guys off on a date and become the ultimate temptress!

Social media obsessed

Admittedly, we can’t totally escape social media, however, what we can do is avoid checking our profile pictures likes and notifications every 2 seconds! Having your eyes constantly glued to your screen comes across as self-absorbed. 

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Little Miss Chatterbox

Sure, we like gossip and could do it for hours and hours, but what we sometimes fail to recognize is that being too talkative can be intimidating. Ladies, not letting your date start up conversation on his own leads nowhere. 

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Vanity fair

Constantly checking your hair, makeup, and reflection doesn’t go well with guys. In fact it sends negative vibes and suggests that you aren’t really into your date, ladies! So if you tend to check yourself out a lot, avoid taking your mirror along on the date.

Being too sexy

We all want to look our hottest when we go on dates by showing off our best assets, but looking sexy needs to be done in moderation. Being overly sexy could send the wrong message and is frankly a little distracting for guys.

Attention seeking

We all love expressing our feelings, but for guys there is a very fine line between being animated and seeking attention. FYI, you don’t want to overstep that line and end up in the attention seeking and self-centered territory.

High maintenance girls

For the most part guys are laidback and easygoing and apparently they just don’t have time for high maintenance divas. Ladies, we all have an inner diva, but when you’re dating, be sure to keep her locked away and just go with the flow. You’ll have way more fun like that!

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1000 questions

Ever heard the expression "curiosity killed the cat"? Well the same principle applies to the dating world. Guys don’t want to be bombarded with hundreds of questions; it really is a total turnoff. Guys just want to get to know you naturally without being interrogated about past relationships.

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Being overly controlling

Wanting to show you are a strong and independent woman is great, just don’t confuse being autonomous with wanting to be constantly in the driver’s seat. Control issues are definitely turnoffs for guys and frankly don’t usually make good relationships.

3,2,1 Action!

Girls in theatre should watch out. Guys typically hate having to deal with complications and upsets in their lives and definitely hate being surrounded by drama. Drama just isn’t for them, they’re not interested in what happened between you and the girl you really don’t see eye to eye with.

Bad hygiene

Both sexes agree that bad hygiene is just a complete no-no and is an instant passion killer. According to guys, they could be dating the hottest girl ever, but if she has bad breath or doesn’t smell great then a relationship is just out of the question.


Flirting is great but remember ladies, you need to be flirting with your date and not the cute waiter or the hot guy sitting at table beside you. Trying to make your date jealous by flirting with other guys never works. 

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My ex…

Talking about your past relationships and your most recent ex is normal in a relationship, however you have to choose the right time to bring it up. Talking about your ex whilst dating someone new gives the impression that you are still hung up on the relationship and aren’t emotionally available.

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Being disingenuous

Men have amazing radars for picking up on all that is fake and contrived. When dating, ladies, just be yourselves! Your amazing, fresh personality is enough to charm anyone. Remember, you don’t need to invent an alter-ego or pretend to be something else; you are amazing just as you are!

Being cocky

Being confident is an amazing trait, but if your confidence and self-assurance comes across as arrogant and cocky, your man will no doubt head for the hills! Having an overly confident personality can be intimidating and just plain irritating.


For guys there is nothing more frustrating than dating someone rude, so ladies, make an effort to show up on time and to be polite to the servers even if the food arrives late. A little kindness never hurt anyone now did it?

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Old-school dating etiquette has it that ladies shouldn’t reveal even a hint of their feelings in the early stages of the dating game, but nowadays guys think that being cold and unresponsive should to be left for another day. 

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No determination or life goals

Guys aren’t looking to date your résumé, but they love seeing hints of motivation and determination before committing to a relationship. Men don’t need to hear that you want to become a rocket scientist, however hearing that you have goals is very attractive to them.

Mixed signals

Sending mixed signals is very confusing for guys and leaves them wondering whether or not they should attempt to pursue things when they like you! Ladies, you are successful, intelligent and awesome, so be confident and clear when it comes to the dating world, don’t send mixed messages.

Bad language

Cursing comes across as very vulgar and abrupt to guys. Swearing like a sailor doesn’t give them any desire to see you again. Bad language is a huge turnoff so avoid any bad words and focus on using clean language. 

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Being uninterested

Ladies, when your date is trying to get to know you by asking questions and showing an interest in your life, try to reply energetically and mirror their energy. You may be nervous, but responding with short yes or no answers won’t enchant your date and will really turn him off, so do your best to open up.

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