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15 Essential Tips To Flawlessly Introduce Your New Man To Your Kids

Meeting Mom's new boyfriend is a HUGE step in a new relationship, it really is a make-or-break kind of moment. If your kids don’t warm up to the new guy you’re seeing, you'll ruin the family dynamic...So here are our 15 top tips to flawlessly introduce your new man to your kids and ease them into the change as smoothly as possible.

Introducing your kids to your new partner can be a daunting step in a relationship, but that's why we're here to help! From finding the right words to that first awkward meeting of Mom's new boyfriend, here's how to make the process a little bit easier.

Make meeting the family a walk in the park thanks to our top tips!

Kids, meet my new boyfriend...

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The moment of truth

This big step is a deal breaker. If your kids don’t warm up to your new boyfriend, there’s bound to be trouble later.

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Start with “This is my good friend”

We’re talking first encounters here. Start out simple and sweet. Tell your kids that the person you’ve been spending so much time with is a good friend, and you want them to meet because you think they’ll have a lot in common. This frankness is merely a white lie and will spark your kid’s interest, without the probing questions like, “Is he my new Daddy?”

Cook together!

Baking cookies or a meal that is highly interactive will get your new boyfriend and child talking. The great thing about this activity is that there's no room for boredom or tense silence if you boyfriend has trouble connecting in the beginning. Everyone’s hands will be busy.

Play it cool

Keep the activities light-hearted. Even something as normal as running errands together will break the tension.

Show them how happy you are

The important thing for your children to know is how happy this person is making you. If you worry they’re going to pull the “abandoned child” card, remind them that you still love them the same, but that Mom needs some personal time of her own.

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Inside jokes

If something made you all laugh the first time, bring it back to start inside jokes!

Give your guy hints

Let your man in on specific clues about your child’s personality, likes, and dislikes. He’ll have something to fall back on!

And vice-versa

The same goes for your kids. Gentle teasing is always an ice-breaker.

Keep things light

At all costs, you want to avoid questions like, “Are you sleeping together?” or “When is he going to move in?”

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Give it time

Patience is your worst enemy and also your best weapon. Don’t try and rush into it if the timing isn’t perfect.

Keep boundaries in check

Remember to go on date nights between just the two of you. Nothing is as much of a buzz kill than the kids constantly tagging along!

Don’t sugarcoat the truth

The worst thing you could do is lie to your kids about your new relationship, especially give them half-truths to work with. For example, don’t sleep on the couch for months and sneak into your partner’s room when you think the kids are sleeping. They are more aware than you might think.

Don’t forget to lock doors

Privacy is important. Avoid an awkward encounter.

Include the kids in the conversation

Keep communication open between everyone.

Embrace the awkwardness

Sometimes things will be awkward. But you'll just have to be patient!

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Make sure the timing is right

Maybe this one should have been the first on the list, but if you’ve made it this far, consider if the timing is right. If it's the first date, it’s not time for the kids to meet your new man.

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