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15 Style Moments That Will Make You Question Everything

Fashion evolves at breakneck speed, to the point where one minute you feel as if you are at the height of ‘la mode’, ready to walk the catwalk in Paris. Yet the next like want to cover up with a black sack and throw away half of your wardrobe. Fashion in the early 2000s especially has a lot to answer for, so here's 15 of its worst trends!

Fashion trends are ever-changing and definitely don’t wait around for anyone. What was once a fashion essential in the 2000s is now well and truly a thing of the past- and needs to stay that way! Let’s take a look at the must-have trends of the 2000s, which are now huge fashion faux pas.

Let’s take a look at some trends we’d like to forget.

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Tie dye

Remember when almost everywhere you went, everyone was wearing tie dye t-shirts? We certainly do and let’s just say we’re glad this trend has stayed in the 2000s. We’re all about color but this is just way too far.

Gaucho pants

Yep, those flowy, wide and super comfortable pants were at the height of fashion a few years ago. Yes they felt amazing and were a dream to wear, but we’re sure you’d agree they sure weren’t elegant.

Newsboy caps

Every respected fashion icon owned a newsboy cap in the 2000s, even Britney, Christina and Paris loved the trend! If you didn’t own a newsboy cap, you certainly wanted to.

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Crimped hair

Crimped hair really was the groundbreaking beauty trend of the 2000s. Literally every girl dreamed of owning a crimping iron and even the celebs were big fans. Crimping your hair made you totally irresistible.

Velour everywhere

Aww velour! It’s such a soft material and really is very comfortable, which means it is great for lounging around at home, not stepping out in. However, this message somehow got lost in translation in the 2000s.

Bolero jackets

Bolero jackets have marked a generation and will definitely go down in fashion history, although we’re not totally sure that’s a good thing. Whether you like them or not, they they won't have left you indifferent.

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Rhinestones were very big in the 2000s, you just couldn’t escape them. Everywhere you looked, they were there, shining away, on t-shirts, sunglasses and even on temporary tattoos. We're sure are glad rhinestones haven’t made a comeback.

Tooth gems

Those twinkly little gems were all the rage in the 2000s and were probably the source of many disagreements between teenage girls and their Dads. Tooth gems are definitely a thing of the past and will hopefully stay there.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels may have been more comfortable and easier to walk in than the vertiginous heels we tend to wear today, but they sure were way less cuter too.

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Denim mini skirts

People couldn’t get enough of the denim mini skirt trend back in the 2000s, no matter how short and tight they were, girls everywhere loved them. And who could blame them, they were real cute for a time.

Shutter sunglasses

Shutter sunglasses are perhaps the least practical fashion accessory of the last decade, but as beautiful things aren't always practical. Right, so we’re not totally sure about that one, but we do know they were really popular in the 2000s.

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Fanny packs

No one can deny fanny packs are really handy and yes, they were actually really trendy way back when. However, times have changed and fanny packs are definitely outdated, so if you are holding on to one, it’s time to say goodbye.

Ugg boots

Ugg boots were like heaven for your feet, after a hard day at work or a few hours on running errands, Uggs were the definite go-to for many girls and even some guys. But, it’s fair to say they are now a thing of the 2000s.


Much like Uggs, Crocs were a lifesaver for our tootsies in the 2000s. Although they weren’t the easiest pair of shoes on the eye, the sure were comfy. We’re all for comfort but Crocs maybe just a little too millennium for us.

Cowgirl boots

Yee haa! Cowgirl boots really were a must-have for any respectable fashionista back in the 2000s and no matter how hot it was outside, girls everywhere wore them! Let’s just say we’re not sorry to see the back of this trend.

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