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15 Red Flags You’re Raising a Mean Girl

It can be hard to know if you're raising your child right, especially girls. So here's what to look out for to make sure your child is on the right path and to avoid raising a mean girl! Our little girls are the future, so let's make sure they become the best versions of themselves.

Is your little girl a bully?

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You might be raising a bully if...

Is your child a bully? Maybe you don't realize yet, but her egotistical behavior says everything. 

She gossips

If your child is gossiping about other children in a cruel way, she might be a mean girl.

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She inappropriately laughs at others

If she laughs at other people falling or calls them “ugly,” beware. You might be raising a bully.

Her friends fear her

They’re constantly walking on eggshells around her and wait until she makes the first move. Not a good trait. 

She's the most popular girl in school

Whether she is or not, she acts like she is and her self-absorption shows.

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Never has anything good to say

You often come home to listen to her non-stop complaining, and wonder if she’s a child or a grouchy adult.

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Isn’t proud of others

Your child is incapable of being happy when other people succeed or do better than her.

Unwilling to apologize

It takes everything in her power to muster a simple apology.

Acts like a princess

After her toddler years are over, your daughter still has this complex. Her “subjects” need to respect her every desire or leave her presence.

She’s been to the principal’s office

If she’s had a run-in with the principle for behavior problems, it might mean she’s a bully.

Are you raising a mean girl?

She lies about things

Her lying has gotten out of control and she’s incapable of showing one ounce of humility.

She judges

Her first instinct is to judge other people negatively.

What’s happening next?

She speaks before thinking

Even though you've told her to choose her words more wisely, the first things that come to her mind are always the worst.

She acts shallow

A lot of her interests are superficial.

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You’ve had a teacher conference

Her teacher may wear a smile, but he’s got bad news about your daughter’s intolerable behavior.

Other parents have complained

And the icing on the cake is that other parents’ children have been victims to her mean girl tendencies.

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