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Learning to Forgive

Has someone ever hurt, humiliated, or betrayed you, and you don’t think you could ever forgive them? Do you feel hate or bitterness, with a thirst for vengeance that keeps you occupied day and night? It’s time to act: forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting. Even if you’ve suffered a lot, you must relieve yourself of this feeling. With your astrological sign in mind, we’re going to advise you on how to forgive others…

“I’ll never, ever forgive so-and-so.” We’ve all said/thought this at one time in our lives. The harder the fall is, the more difficult it is to get back up. Everyone reacts in a different way when faced with deception: some people isolate themselves, acting like nothing ever happened, while others go all out to get their revenge.

Is forgiveness a sign of weakness? No, in fact it’s quite the opposite, forgiveness is a huge sign of strength because you need the courage to look truth straight in the eye and close down your anger. Bitterness will eat away at you, so learn to forgive for your own good. Stress isn’t beneficial for your health.

“We forgive the unfaithful ones, but we’ll never forget them.” Madame de La Fayette

Forgiving Someone in 5 Steps

1. Become aware of your pain. Accept it and don’t hide yourself anymore. Forgetting is a very efficient and comfortable system of survival, except when it becomes a general anesthetic… be careful of “waking up,” which could prove brutal.

2. Stop beating yourself up. Making yourself feel responsible serves no purpose and will wipe you out little by little.

3. Stop playing the victim. This is, without a doubt, the most painful step to get through, but it’s necessary in order to forgive.

4. Express your anger. Go ahead and scream, do whatever pleases you. This is the pivotal point of forgiveness provided that you succeed in transforming anger into energy and motivation in order to progress.

5. Confront the other person. Get things off your chest once and for all if you feel the need to.

Are you the kind of person who forgives easily?

Click on your sign and discover if you’re resentful or not and, if you’ve made a mistake, learn how to ask for forgiveness from the other person!

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Learning to Forgive

How do you forgive the unpardonable?

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