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How Angry Is Your Zodiac Sign? We Reveal The Top 3 Angriest Zodiac Signs

This is a personality question! Some zodiac signs get angry real quickly, while others can handle their problems in a collected manner. Anger is an emotion that can sometimes be spontaneous and difficult to control, but when anger masks our reasoning, situations can rapidly degenerate. 

Aries personalities, Scorpio personalities and Aquarius personalities have a reputation for being the 3 most explosive zodiac signs; they aren’t the kind of people who take things lightly.

Read up on our tips on how these zodiac personalities can control their anger. Discover how each zodiac sign expresses anger, here. Curious about the most common emotion each zodiac sign experiences? We reveal all!

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The angriest zodiac signs: Is your sign the angriest?

1) Aries personality traits: Aries is the angriest zodiac!

Mars is Aries' ruling planet, one that’s always in action and on the move! As the first zodiac sign, Aries is always springing into action, loves being creative, and shares his or her ideas with ease. Aries people often act without thinking and hate waiting around and doing nothing. They're very impatient because they want to get things moving!

Aries, this is how to control your anger: To escape the pressure, Aries needs to run, walk, or lift weights. If you date or work with an Aries, propose some athletic activities that’ll allow him or her to unwind and put things back into perspective.

2) Scorpio personality traits: Scorpio anger burns!

Pluto and Mars are Scorpio’s master planets. Mars makes Scorpio impulsive, but the kind that shows through quick, biting comebacks. A Scorpio is skilled at shutting down their enemies, as well as getting to the bottom of gossip about them. This can hurt people’s feelings. Scorpio tends to worry, ask too many questions, and rush into things before thinking them through. Unafraid of danger, they are rash and throw themselves into the fire in order to fix a situation or save someone they respect. 

Scorpio, this is how to control your anger: Practicing martial arts allows Scorpio to channel his or her own energy. To avoid their attacks, enroll him or her in a club!

3) Aquarius traits: Aquarius anger is relentless!

An Aquarius is in no way a complacent individual. Aquarians don’t let themselves be held back by differing opinions and usually make fun of whatever people think. In short, an Aquarius does nothing but what’s on their mind and will often act on a sudden impulse!

Aquarius, this is how to control your anger: An Aquarius ought to meditate or travel to channel peaceful energy. If you’re dating or work with an Aquarius, don’t push them around: give them enough space and time to think things over.