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How To Flirt Like A Pro- 10 Essentiel Tips

We’ve all been there: met an attractive guy in a bar, at work or online, but just panicked and totally forgot how to flirt! Well, we’re here to make sure it never happens again! Here’s how to stay cool and subtly flirt your way to a date with the man of your dreams.

Flirting 101

Flirting can be fun, but if it goes wrong, things can get awkward! So we're here to help you master the art of flirting...

Be complimentary

‘I like your hair’ or ‘I love your jacket, where did you get it?’, are exactly the kind of confidence-boosting compliments we’re talking about.

Be engaging

Keeping the conversation and good atmosphere flowing is a great way to flirt with the person you have your eye on. The important thing is to make them feel comfortable.

Feet pointing

Believe it or not, pointing your feet in the direction of your potential SO, is a surefire way to let them know how attractive you find them!

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Be spontaneous

Unleashing your fun and carefree side is one of the most successful flirting techniques, seriously who can resist such a cheerful personality?

Common points

Striking up points of common interest is a great way to get a little bit flirty, just let the conversation flow naturally and the connection will follow.

Be kooky

Don’t be afraid to get a little kooky and to show off all your amazing quirks that make you super interesting. Being you is one of the golden rules to flirting like a pro!

Be interesting

Flirting and being good at it is essentially all about making yourself seem interesting. So, be sure to talk about your hobbies, favorite books and movies.

Be interested

Listen attentively and engage in the conversation, all whilst letting your crush know just how intriguing they are.

Eye contact

Strong eye contact is the possibly the most amazing way to flirt and let someone know you are interested in them. Eye contact is the best way to create an electric connection.

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Toothy grin

Showing a potential S.O how warm, open and friendly you are is the ultimate key to seduction. Showing off your pearly whites will always have the desired effect, trust us on that one!

Have fun

Letting your hair down and revealing your fun-loving and giggly personality is enough to make anyone crazy about you.

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Laugh... a lot!

Even if you laugh like a hyena, don’t worry about it, all potential romantic partners want to know is that you can have fun, laugh and get a little crazy.

Get close

A little closeness never hurt anyone and is an amazing way to flirt and let your potential partner know you are into them.

Sensual caresses

A sensual stroke of the arm or hand will have the desired effect on your SO and will leave no doubt about how interested you are in them.

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Flirting like a champ doesn’t mean you have to give the person you are into an easy time, it’s in fact the perfect chance to break out some of your best banter.

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Flirt like a champion!

Flirting is a complicated skill to crack, and if you don't get it right, it can lead to some super awkward moments! So here's our top tips for upping your seduction game...

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