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Gemini Personality

A Gemini is continuously searching for their identity. They are individuals animated by an intense curiosity that takes them beyond their work. A Gemini's traits include being sympathetic, sociable, communicative, and intelligent, they adapt to every situation. They’re perceptive to other ideas but remain biased and narcissistic. Geminis, do you really know your sign?

Gemini sign signification

Mercury, messenger of the gods, is your planet. His agility spreads from his wings to his feet. He flies from one situation to the next, hence this makes you adaptive! Your talkative and sociable nature, along with your intellectual and physical agility make you lucky: an eternal youth. An adolescent charm, a gleam in your eye, or a sly grin seduce all those who see you. Your main asset is your curiousity. You are continually changing and enriching yourself! Your weak point? Nervousness.

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10 Things to know about a Gemini

  • Birth dates: May 21st to June 20th
  • Strong Points: Agility, flexibility, and adaptability
  • Qualities: Speed, curiosity, loquaciousness
  • Faults: Scattered, lightness
  • Gems: Jade, Turquoise
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Element: Air
  • Colors: Multi
  • Metal: Mercury
  • Corresponding Body Parts: Lungs, arms, hands

'Gemini people are the perfect mixture of sunshine and a little hurricane'

Gemini personality

May 21st to June 20th - Gemini is concerned with matters of the mind since their element is Air. Like their companions Libra and Aquarius, Geminis prefers to think deeply about things to better understand the world. Gemini matures from taking on challenging questions. 

Geminis are under the influence of Mercury, a planet that symbolizes communication, writing, and education. Like Mercury’s rapid movement, Geminis can sometimes have trouble focusing for a long time. Geminis love words and ideas, so some deep thinking may be necessary in order to understand them. Everyone on this earth marvels at Geminis, but at times they feel like they lack the time to discover everything they’d like to. People born under this sign become great artists, writers, or journalists.

Gemini's symbol is connected to twins, or those who are continuously searching for a kindred spirit in friends, partners, or mentors.

Their sign governs the arms, shoulders, and lungs, with physical weaknesses appearing more prevalently in those areas. 

The Gemini is versatile and curious, but it's important to take on realistic projects. You may wish to try and discover everything, but you can’t if you’re sick or tired! Your self-criticism leaves you incapable of sticking to an idea, a belief, or a person. Rather than scattering about your energy, it would be preferable to channel it.

Gemini compatibility

Gemini people are most compatible with Libras and Aquarians! Discover how well Gemini personalities get along with the other zodiacs.

More details about Gemini


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