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Aries Astrological Portrait

Above all, Aries’ want to impose their personalities, but they often lack concentration. Anxious, impatient, stubborn and opinionated, these are the classic personality traits of an Aries, without forgetting their constant need to be on the move and to express themselves. An Aries is enthusiastic and optimistic, however assessing obstacles is not their strongest point. Meltdowns and despondency are not uncommon amongst those born under the Aries sign.

An insight into the Aries sign

As an Aries, you are a multi-talented and need to be occupied. With your spontaneous personality, you go ahead all guns blazing, without looking back… But, you tend to back down when faced with a problem and you prefer to try your luck elsewhere. Aries, you are independent and often impulsive; a trait which is at times challenging for you to reign in. You are the total package, complete with plenty bursts of energy, you love being won over and impressing others!

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10 things to know about an Aries...

•    Aries dates of birth: 21st March – 19th April
•    Strong points: Strength, efficiency
•    Qualities: Courage, sincerity
•    Weaknesses: Anger, emotional outbursts
•    Aries’ stones: Ruby, Amethyst
•    Ruling planet: Mars
•    Element: Fire
•    Color: Red
•    Metals: Steel, iron
•    Ruling body parts: Head, blood

The dates and personality of an Aries...

21st March - 19th April - Mars is the ruling planet, hence Aries being one of the most energetic of the zodiac signs. The Aries symbol represents a fighting nature. Aries’ personalities continually take onboard remarks from their personal reflection time.

Along with the Leo and Sagittarius, Aries is a sign of fire and likes to take control, regardless of whether or not they fully understand the situation. The ruling element fire helps to mold great active men and women. However, problems may arise for Aries' when they are impatient, too confrontational or angry. In such problematic situations, some calming methods would be useful to lighten the mood.

Progressing from the drawing board to taking action is easy for those born under the Aries sign, as they are very efficient in channeling their energy and in defending their opinions.

Aries’ are naturally brave individuals and are rarely afraid of taking on challenges or taking risks. However, under the influence of Mars, it’s important for an Aries to armor up to avoid getting hurt. Physical activities are a great way to build up strength, as long as you’re well protected. Regardless of their age, an Aries is very youthful, has an amazing vigor for life and can overcome physical tasks very easily.

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