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Gardening with the Moon in 3 Short Lessons

The Moon’s influence on different elements is real, and to prove this, you can observe its influence it has on the tides. To have a lovely garden, nothing’s more efficient than gardening by following the Moon’s phases. Read all about the rules of this very natural way to gardening!

Gardening alongside the moon signifies gardening with nature, not against it. This means you’ll be using less products that have chemicals in them and many more natural techniques. Our grandparents always had the most beautiful gardens without all the chemicals and this was thanks to the moon! You too can have a beautiful, organic, environmentally-friendly and effective garden when you follow the Moon’s phases…

1. Observe the Moon’s position: Is it ascending or descending?

Choose an observation point and fix your attention on a landmark for observing the Moon each evening. You’ll notice quickly how to spot if the moon is ascending or descending in the sky.

  • Ascending Moon: The plants’ sap increases, and this is the ideal period for primping your plants because they’re more resistant. This is the time to: sow seeds, harvest vegetables, or graft anymore plants.
  • Descending Moon: Sap decreases, and this time is beneficial for everything that occurs underneath the ground. This is the right time to fertilize your plants and to plant or prune any trees.

Do not get these terms mixed up with a waning or waxing Moon!

Feeling confused by all the technical terms? Speak to an expert for guidance!

2. Gardening according to the Moon’s position

There are 4 types of days that work with the Moon’s position. 

Root Days

These days correspond to the moment when the Moon passes through Taurus’s, Virgo’s and Capricorn’s constellations (these are all “earth” signs). The Moon acts upon the roots of the plants, so this is the right time to sow, plant, and harvest any root vegetables, like carrots.

Flower Days

The days correspond to the time where the moon is passing through Gemini’s, Libra’s, and Aquarius’s constellations (the “air” signs). The Moon influences the vegetables and plants that have flowers, like artichokes, cauliflower, and other floral shrubs. This is the perfect time to plant, sow seeds, and repot.

Fruit and Seed Days

These days are linked to the time when the Moon passes through Aries’s, Leo’s, and Sagittarius’s constellations (the “fire” elements). The Moon is encouraging the growth of fruit and seeds right now, so this is the right time to plant, sow, graft, and pick!

Leaf Days

Last, but not least, these days are when the Moon is passing through Cancer’s, Scorpio’s, and Pisces’s constellations (“water” elements). The Moon affects the roots and leaves of the vegetables, so this is the right time to prune, mow, or transplant anything.

3. “Harmful” Days for Gardening

Days of rest are given to the earth as well as the gardeners. These days are:

  • New Moons: The Moon’s and the Earth’s orbit are intersecting
  • Lunar Apogee: The Moon is at its farthest point away from the Earth.
  • Lunar Perigee: The Moon is at its closest point to Earth.

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