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Ladies, Here's Your Guide For Lush Locks

Even if it isn’t scientifically proven that the Moon plays an essential role in vegetable growth, the best gardeners observe the Moon before planting or pruning… So, why wouldn’t it be the same thing for hair growth? Here’s how to cut your hair in accordance with the Moon so that it'll grow back quickly… or slowly…

Having beautiful hair and a good, lasting cut really does depend on the Moon’s phases. During the Moon’s cycle, there are phases that are more encourage regrowth, so with all this in mind, now's the time to wait for the right moment to cut your hair!

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When should I cut my hair so it grows back quickly?

Thinking of trimming the ends or taking off a few inches or centimeters so your hair will grow back quickly and in a healthier state? In order to cut your hair without any regret and to have luscious locks, you need to cut your hair during a crescent moon: this is the stage between the New Moon and the Full Moon. If you cut your hair during this expansive phase, it will grow back quicker!

Haircare during a Crescent Phase

The crescent phase of the Moon is a regenerating phase and is the right moment to do a hair mask! Color your hair during this period because your body and hair will be in tip-top shape right and your color will take better if you dye your hair during this phase.

Want thicker hair?

If so, the solution is to cut your hair while the Moon is in transit during Leo or Virgo.

When should you cut your so it grows slower?

If you envisage cutting your hair in order to keep it at a desired length for as long as possible, you’ll need to cut your hair during a waning period in order to slow down hair growth. The waning period is the phase between the Full Moon and the New Moon. Hair grows the slowest during this calm phase.

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